Animal Painting Commissions

A5 size commission (148×210 mm).
One animal* of your choice, natural (but stylized) or anthropomorphic/clothed, minimal/fuzzy background.
No copyrighted characters. No nudity or NSFW stuff – please see my previous work for reference.
Painted with watercolor and gouache on 300 gsm watercolor paper. Will take 4-6 weeks to complete.


Price: 220 euros. Includes standard shipping.
Payment in advance through Paypal, bank transfer is also an option if you’re in the EU.
Email [email protected] to claim a spot! Payment implies acknowledgement and acceptance of the terms explained here.

Shipping times will vary according to your location.
Any extra fees (e.g. customs or taxes) are the responsibility of the buyer. All sales are final.

This is a personal commission – commercial use of the resulting image is not allowed.
If you’re unsure of what’s okay to do and what’s not, just ask!

* I might be able to fit a second animal in some cases, particularly for “natural” animals. This costs an extra 60 euros.

Can the animal be my pet?
Yes, of course! Please email photos for reference (ideally 3-5 clear images, mix of full body and head close-ups if possible).

What’s the best way to describe my anthropomorphic animal commission?
Simple concepts are best! You can think of it as an RPG character (though not limited to classical classes) e.g. “frog knight” “black cat forest witch”, “coyote farmer” or describe an outfit loosely: “fox wearing a purple dress”, “mouse dressed in period clothes from the 1700s” (but please don’t expect tight historical accuracy!). Props or simple actions are good too: “holding a candle”, “stirring a cauldron”, “casting a spell”, “with a sword”, “fishing”.

Will you provide sketches/WIPs? Can I ask for changes to the final image?
No, sorry. I like a certain degree of creative freedom in these commissions and I’ve found that minimal input results in better paintings.

What if my painting doesn’t arrive or arrives damaged?
Shipping outside of Europe may take several weeks. I ask you to please be patient!
I ship all paintings in rigid envelopes with a backing board for protection to make sure they arrive safely, but nothing is bulletproof. If the painting arrives with significant damage please contact me at [email protected] with a photo of it and we’ll take it from there.